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Advice in designing and implementing policies and projects


“la Caixa” Fundation


Analysis and plan to improve doctoral fellowship program in biomedicine


To update the program, according to generally accepted practices in research management and funding

To ensure the international impact of the program.

To adapt several aspects of the program’s regulatory framework.

To design a grant call and an evaluation guide for the program

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Support to institutional development processes

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Affiliation of Continuing Education Institute (IdEC) to Pompeu Fabra University.

Recognition of the Barcelona GSE as a research institute affiliated to UAB and UPF


Conception of solutions to fit the customer’s needs in the regulatory landscape.

Negotiating with the authorities involved.

Monitoring the various stages of the process and resolving any hurdles.

Supporting the implementation of projects to deploy the solution designed.

Conception and driving strategic and feasibility plans

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Assessing the viability of research centers.

Identification and evaluation of alternatives for the scientific, economic and executive viability of research institutions.

Design of restructuring plans to ensure the viability of research activities.

Advice and support for the adoption and implementation of plans

Support to address the strategic reorientation of research centers

Monitoring, information and communication of opportunities in research funding

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Service features

Customizable on line platforms reporting about research global funds.

Monitoring relevant updates and new opportunities in research funding programs.

Tailored communication services on updates in funding programs.

Advice and support to clients in identifying new funding opportunities.


Keeping the scientific community continuously informed regarding research funding.

Improving the quality of communication and as a result, improving planning in applications.

Suport to application and project managment for competitive research calls.

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Legal advice to the Barcelona GSE to obtain accreditation as a Severo Ochoa Center of scientific excellence

• Eligibility accreditation.
• Support during the competitive process and project management.
• 4M€ obtained as a grant for 4 years.

Support on the drafting and project management of Cultur-Pro program, led by the University of Girona

• In the framework of POCTEFA border cooperation (Interreg-Feder).
• Analysis of requirements and transforming the initial idea into a project eligible.
• Project writing and budgeting.
• Project management and financial validation.
• 600K€ grant obtained during three years.